Women leaders possess a unique tapestry of both loving tenderness and incredible strength. 
Our design, beautifully crafted by the hand of God, allows us to bring His expression for the Kingdom as we lead with confidence and power. 

We don't need to act "like men" in order to lead effectively. 

We simply need to step fully into our feminity and allow the Lord to fulfill His plan through us.  


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She Leads Women's Leadership Bootcamp provides an 8-session Leadership Mentoring learning opportunity designed to position women to more fully understand their calling, learn biblical leadership principles, and provide a place to ask questions and participate in a community of women leaders. 


Members have access to Stephanie's years of executive leadership wisdom,  inspirational blogs, quotes, and ongoing equipping tools to lead as a godly, empowered woman. Our mentoring sessions are crafted to speak to the needs of women in all aspects of leadership.  Whether in the home, corporate arena, or within ministry roles, this membership opportunity provides support and encouragement to lead with excellence and confidence. 


We have priced our membership affordably in order to make this learning opportunity available to most everyone.  You can register by subscribing for $10 per week or purchasing the entire membership for $75 (discounted rate), 

Take the first step in your personal leadership development by subscribing weekly or purchasing our full-course of She Leads Women's Leadership Seminar.  Spring Semester begins Monday, April 5, 2021. (*Please note: If you utilize Cash App as a payment option, please complete our Contact Form to capture your email address for membership follow up) 

Once completed, a member of our team will be in touch to share seminar dates, times, teaching schedules, and other pertinent information for our seminar members.  If you have questions or need additional information, please complete our Contact Form linked below.




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