Stephanie Henderson

Wife, Mom, Bella, Speaker, Author, Executive Coach
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 Women's Virtual Community

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Loved, Seen, Treasured is a virtual women's community that provides a place to belong and encounter Jesus in a powerful way.

Our community offers biblical teaching broadcasts that authentically speak to matters of the heart.  As a Pastor and teacher, Stephanie has the gift of reaching through the surface and inviting women into the truth that they are loved, seen, and treasured by the Lord.  True to her style, she relationally connects through her passion to express God's full intention for our lives as understood through His Word.  Members have access to inspirational quotes, blogs, and podcasts that resonate with the everyday needs of women.  


All women are invited to this incredible community!  Our broadcasts are available through our Loved, Seen, Treasured Facebook Group, and our YouTube Channel.

Invite your friends and join our community of incredible women!  Click the link shared below to become a member!  For more information on Loved, Seen, Treasured Virtual Women's Community, please click "I would love some more information" shared below. 

 You are Loved,   You are Seen,   You are Treasured

Loved, Seen, Treasured Live Teaching Broadcasts

Hosted on Loved, Seen Treasured Facebook Page and YouTube