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Stephanie Henderson

Wife, Mom, Bella, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

Stephanie Henderson

My passion is

to help women

more fully understand

the incredible anointing

they possess

to accomplish their

God-given assignment

His kingdom. 


 Stephanie Henderson 

Building a Community of Women in Leadership

Stephanie believes that women are called, anointed, and set apart to accomplish a truly remarkable work for the Kingdom of God.  Within the beautiful leadership blend of femininity and boldness, women are able to touch the tender places of the heart as well as express leadership through strength and confidence.


She Leads Women's Leadership Academy provides equipping and coaching for women called to fulfill God's purpose placed within their lives.  Stephanie believes that once we understand that our lives are meant for something more, we will be an unstoppable force of passionate leadership for those we influence.  

​Our Women's Leadership Academy offers an
8-session leadership mentoring course where members become part of an instant community of women interested in more fully developing the leader within. 

Members will participate in live online sessions that provide rich, biblical content applicable to all spheres of influence.  Additionally, the community has the opportunity to ask questions, receive personal encouragement, wisdom, and discuss the weekly sessions together.   In Stephanie's authentic style, she shares both the real challenges women face and encouragement from the victories of leading well. 


She Leads - Marriage Bootcamp - A brand new,
4-Session mentoring / coaching seminar, created for women,  that specifically shares biblical and practical solutions for cultivating healthy marriage relationships. 


Stephanie believes there is something truly powerful about women speaking into each other's lives as it relates to developing healthy marriages.


We don't have to settle...we can embrace healthy, life-giving relationships
with our husbands.

About Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie's personality is easily characterized by her love of laughter and greeting people with a huge hug whether she is meeting them for the first time or they are long-time friends. Like most women, she embraces many areas of affection in her life – Hers include wife, mom, and Bella (grandmother).

She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado following Hurricane Katrina.  After 20 years of ministry, she began speaking nationally and internationally which was a sweet surprise in her personal journey with the Lord.

A New Virtual Women's Community
Broadcasts, Podcasts, Friendships

Loved, Seen, Treasured is a new virtual women's community created to bring spiritual encouragement
for everyday life. 
 This unique community provides a place for women to belong and believe together!

Join our community today! 
You are loved. You are seen. 
You are treasured.


 Invite Stephanie


Stephanie is available to speak, virtually or in-person,  for groups, ministry teams, conferences, and services. She is also available for podcasts and leadership seminars. 


For more information, please complete our Information Form found on our Contact Page, linked below.



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